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Not sure if you need a wedding planner or day-of coordinator yet? Thinking that you might just assign a family member to be your “master/mistress of ceremonies”?

The big question is… is hiring a wedding planner “worth it”? 


I am not just saying this because it is my business and my passion. I am saying this because hiring a day-of-coordinator for my own wedding was the most valuable service I purchased. Beyond all of the technical things a planner will walk you through- they also make you feel calm, relaxed and totally stress-free so you can focus on what really matters- your fiance, your family and your guests! Putting the pressure of coordinating your big day on someone close to you is an unnecessary worry- leave it to a professional! Trust me, you won’t regret it! 

Ever wonder just what a day-of-coordinator does? Well, here is a pretty detailed list of all that I do on the day of a wedding! Please keep in mind that every wedding is unique so this changes with every couple. Also, if you are interested in any of my larger packages- please ask for a detailed list of responsibilities included as well!

Planning Period (Before Wedding)

  • Talks with bride and groom to discuss their vision, progress, questions, and concerns about the wedding day
  • Sends the bride a detailed planning checklist to assist during the preparation process
  • Sends the bride a preferred vendors list
  • Helps bride & groom design their custom wedding invitation suite at wholesale pricing!
  • Makes the bride and groom aware of any fun planning experiences going on locally (bridal shows, contests, etc.)
  • Answers any questions the couple may have via e-mail, text, call

Month-of Wedding

  • Develops a timeline for the wedding day with bride and groom
  • Sends the timeline to all vendors to ensure that it is feasible for their services
  • Conducts a pre-rehearsal walk through with bride/groom/vendors to devise a plan of how the ceremony, cocktail hour and rehearsal will run on the wedding day.
  • Works with the bride/groom/vendors to devise a timeline for the wedding day.
  • Designs a blueprint for the layout of the wedding venue (where everything will be placed and what will be placed on them)
  • Sends the bride a checklist of what to pack the day before the wedding
  • Coordinates with all vendors to make sure that everyone is comfortable with their wedding day responsibilities


  • Coordinates the rehearsal the day before the wedding.
  • Choreographs the processional and recessional down the aisle.
  • Instructs bridals party on how and where to stand at the altar.
  • Works with the officiant to ensure that the ceremony is practiced until all members of the wedding party/family feel comfortable with their role
  • Discusses the wedding day timeline with the bridal party/family to ensure that everyone knows what is to be expected
  • Answers any last minute questions from the bridal party.


  • Arrives 4-5 hours early to help set up
  • Sets up ceremony space and décor*
  • Sets up cocktail hour space and décor*
  • Sets up reception space and décor*
  • Greets vendors and ensures that they arrive to the venue at their agreed upon time and set up necessary items
  • Ensures that the photographer has all detail items they need to take pictures of before the wedding (shoes, perfume, invitation suite)
  • Ensures that the bridal party has everything they need during the prepping process
  • Assists bride when putting on her dress
  • Delivers flowers/pin boutonnieres to the bridal party, parents, grandparents, other important guests once the florist brings them
  • Checks with the DJ to ensure that all mechanical equipment is working
  • Ensures that all vendors have a copy of the wedding timeline
  • Ensures that the bride and groom have bags packed and put into the get-away car for the wedding night
  • Ensures that all vendors receive their final payments
  • Handles any emergencies that arise without alarming the newlywed couple
  • Is equipped with an emergency kit filled with needle and thread, first-aid kit, grooming items, gum, breath mints, straws, snacks, feminine products, etc.


  • Ensure that all parts of the wedding are in place (ushers, program attendees, etc.)
  • Gives the vows to the officiant
  • Ensures that the ring bearer has the rings in hand
  • Lines up the bridal party/family for the ceremony processional as rehearsed
  • Cue’s the DJ for bridal party’s processional and recessional entrances

Cocktail Hour

  • Ensures that the bride/groom sign the marriage license and it is given to the officiant
  • Bustles bride
  • Ensures that the bride and groom are given some alone time
  • Does a room flip if the ceremony space is being used for the reception
  • Ensures that the photographer has everyone he/she needs to take pictures of
  • Gathers flowers from bridal party and puts them in watered vases
  • Ensures that the reception space is set up and styled
  • Helps guests find their reserved seats in the reception hall


  • Taps tables if the dinner service is a buffet
  • Notifies speakers before they are to give a toast
  • Ensures that the DJ and caterer sticks to the designated timeline for all reception activities (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.)
  • Ensures that all guests receive their wedding favor
  • Remains openly available to handle any details that need attended to
  • Ensures that the bride and groom eat dinner and have drinks
  • Coordinates the exit transportation


  • Packs all gifts, cards, food, cake and décor items into designated cars
  • Ensures that all trash is taken by the caterer at the end of the night
  • Ensures that the venue is left as instructed in the venue contract
  • Ensures that all vendors pack up all their equipment and take it out of the venue