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Grateful Heart Series: Two Creative Ladies That (Unknowingly) Transformed Our 2016

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Happy New Year everyone! 

We have been so blessed by an amazing 2016 and inspired- so we initially were planning on writing 17 goals for 2017 after reading Kat Schmoyer's blog here: 17 for 2017

But.... while reading her Blog and working through our 2017 Power sheets we realized we can't begin to form our 2017 goals without reflecting back to everything we are grateful for in 2016!

We have such an amazing 2016 - so full of blessings!

That is largely due to:

Our amazing PDE couples

Rockstar vendors that turned into friends

The Rising Tide Society & their "community over competition" mindset


2 Creative Women Entrepreneurs That (Unknowingly) Transformed Our 2016

We could really give shout outs to so many amazing business owners out there but...

Specifically, there are two ladies have really shaped my 2016:

Kat Schmoyer & Lara Casey.

First up... 

Kat Schmoyer:

She's an entrepreneur, wedding planner, florist and creative at heart. She believe big dreams take time and that hard work & fairy dust go hand in hand. Owner of Dear Sweetheart Events & Founder of the Creative @ Heart Conference.

Kat has been so instrumental in my life/business for so many reasons but just to name a few: Her #ontheroadtofulltime course was the push I needed in 2015 to begin this crazy, wonderful journey! Her blog continues to be a wellspring of both wedding knowledge, real life, faith, and fun. In a world where everything is not as it seems - I am grateful that Kat is so authentic, down-to-earth and real. However, she doesn't stop there  - she always seems to be encouraging others no matter what season of life she's in - hence why she founded Creative @ Heart Conference (Business Bucket List Item - more on that another time)! She continues to shine God's love in all aspects of her business and really is someone I look up to in so many ways!! 

Next up...

Lara Casey:

She is a mom to three–one through the gift of adoption, a grateful wife, and a believer in the impossible. She's passionate about helping people get unstuck, unrushed, and living on purpose instead of by accident. 

Author of Make It Happen , creator of the PowerSheetsgrace-filled goal setting planner, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Weddings magazine, mom to three! 

Take a minute to watch her "Meet Lara Casey" and tell me that you aren't inspired, relieved, transformed & get all warm and fuzzy.... 

We first heard of Lara thru her 2017 PowerSheet's and we knew we wanted to make that business investment. But, to my surprise, as I continued to dig into her blog, story, business - we were so inspired! God is really working through Lara for amazing things and although we never met- her story is impacting mine. She is teaching me about intentionality, grace, and spending time where it matters... 

She encourages people to ask these 2 questions about every goal they are setting: 



In a world of constant striving, never good enough, do more... God is using Lara to share grace and margin and purpose in the lives of those she inspires. God has given Lara such a heart for adoption, love, family, nannies, RVs, Gardening ... so much.... and he's blessed it all for His kingdom. 

But the biggest way Lara has impacted my life, specifically - not our business...

Adoption - Lara's family story is inspiring, real, and I am so thankful she shares!! 

But... I already know how she's going to impact my 2017: Motherhood & Business - The tension between the two. She writes about struggling with this topic and since having a baby last August, I have had all these same emotions, feelings, wanting to quit too - until I read THIS!

I will be sharing more on these subjects in our 2017 goal setting post...

But, for now - I just wanted to take a moment and share my grateful heart to these two amazing ladies. 

Kat & Lara- We love you ladies and we are cheering you on! We are praying for you both, your businesses, your families and keep doing amazing things for His kingdom- it doesn't go unnoticed and really does transform lives. 



Alexandria & The PDE Team

7 Best Free Online Wedding RSVP Websites

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Planning for a wedding is no small feat. Every detail, big and small, has to be planned and organized since even the smallest thing can upset a smooth event. Of all the challenges involved, perhaps one of the biggest is planning for the number of guests. If you do not know how many guests are coming, planning for things like food, seating and venue is impossible.

Traditionally, wedding invitations mailed to prospective guests included an empty envelope and postage stamp to allow the people to send their attendance confirmation. The problem with this system is that not everyone will take the time to reply. Other times the mail will be misplaced or even get lost. So you plan for a certain number of guests only to find that you have inadequate food and seating on the wedding day.

With today’s technology however, this does not have to happen. Now you can use online RSVP tools provided by wedding sites to have an accurate list of guests. It’s easier, faster and safer. It also saves the planet from pollution by all those envelopes and stamps that would have been used for RSVP. To ensure that your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible, we have provided 7 sites that offer completely free RSVP for weddings (and for some sites other events as well).

Drum roll, please!

1. anRSVP.com

This is one of the best RSVP wedding sites out there. Once you set up your account, you can create a guest list. The site encourages you to send out invitations by paper but do not provide an RSVP envelope. Instead you instruct prospective guests to access an online page where they can respond to your invitation. On the response page, you can also ask your guests additional questions such as song suggestions and special nutritional needs.

2. mywedding.com

This is a full on wedding website in that it allows you to set up a personalized wedding website where you can also plan your event. For those who only need the RSVP feature you can create an account and ignore the other features. However it works best for those wantng RSVP plus other services provided by wedding websites such as planning.

3. RSVPmenow.com

This is another great yet simple free online RSVP service. With this site, you can create customized RSVP forms which means that you can gather as many details about your guests as you want. This includes number of family members. accompanying guests, any medical conditions such as allergies to certain foods, and estimated time of arrival. You can also send reminder emails to your guests after they confirm their attendance. Remember to include important details in the reminders such as location. If for example you had mentioned in the invitation that the wedding venue was Wesley Event Center in Clermont FL, make sure to mention directions in the reminder too.

4. theknot.com

If you want to make your wedding planning easy, this is the go-to site. It provides a wide range of planning tools including online RSVP. You go to the guest list feature and create a guest list. Once you send out the invitations, you can ask guests to confirm their attendance through the site. If guests confirm through other means such as calling, you can personally enter their details in the guest list thus keeping it updated.

5. weddingwire.com

Just like mywedding.com, this website is ideal for those who want to use full wedding planning features. On weddingwire.com, you can create your own website complete with your preferred customizations and most importantly, you can track your guest info. With this feature you can keep track of who’s coming, who’s not and who has not yet responded. You can also gather other details including gifts and meal preferences.

6. RSVPify.com

This is a really unique online wedding RSVP site in that you do not have to work within the site. Once you have set up an account and entered your details, you can embed the RSVP on your own personal website. So in the invitations, instead of directing guests to rsvpify.com, you ask them to visit your website. Alternatively they can also visit your event’s page on rsvpify.com

7. free-rsvp.com

Fully free, no personal information required when registering and an unlimited guest list are some of the many advantages of using this site. It is a bit recent but still as good as other sites. Once you create a guest list, you can even send the invitations by email and then track responses through the regular updates provided by the site.

4 Tips On How to Stay Present During Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are ________________ !

There are so many words that can fill that blank but that’s the thing… WORDS can never truly describe that feeling of what it FEELS like to actually be there. In the moment. Feeling every possible emotion but you can’t even begin to describe them because they’re just feelings!

This is just it.

Weddings are not just about the flowers, or hair, or DIY decorations, or dress (even though we LOVE how each bride seems to look absolutely stunning in her own), or make-up, or gifts, or any of these things. Even though we love absolutely all of these things and think hey make your big day just THAT much more amazing…weddings are about even more than that! They are about celebrating the union of two people who have vowed to love each other for the Rest. Of. Their. Lives.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m 24, so if I live to see 100, I will have spent 78 years with my husband…that’s a LONG time! In society nowadays people don’t value so much the aspect of the marriage part as much as they value the aspect of the actual wedding. When it should be the other way around. At your wedding you are committing to having, holding, cherishing, honoring, and ultimately loving just one person that you have chosen to be with for the rest of your days on this earth and THAT is something to be said for. That’s why we emphasize the marriage aspect of what we do so much!!

Clients: Zoe & Russell   Photo by: Ruth Doctor Photography

Clients: Zoe & Russell   Photo by: Ruth Doctor Photography

Marriage is a beautiful thing! And that’s why we want to provide our brides, bride-to-bride, 4 tips on how to stay present during your wedding day! 

1)    Celebrate LOVE

That is what the reason for the wedding is in the first place so why not celebrate it? Love is the thing that brought you and your Groom together and will continue to keep you together through all of the ups and downs of life! The more you can celebrate the aspect of love on your wedding day, the more joy you’ll feel throughout the entire day. Because everyone who is there with you is there because they love you and your future spouse. And your Groom is there because he wants to love you forever! So as you focus on love throughout the day, you will no doubt feel more love than you ever have before on this momentous occasion!

2)    Remember That Your Wedding Day Is Just ONE Day

ONE day where all of these people come from near and far just to celebrate you and your union with your spouse! It’s amazing how weddings bring people together to celebrate such a joyful coming together of families. You should cherish this day! Spend time with those family members who flew from across the country just to be there, or those old college friends who stuck with you through all of the stressful papers, presentations, and finals, and even those who you see more frequently like your parents and grandparents and siblings who have sacrificed and helped so much just to make this 1 day a reality! Putting into perspective that your wedding day will be just one day out of 10’s of thousands of days you will get in this lifetime makes it all the more reason to just enjoy it and try to soak in every moment with your new husband!

3)    It's Okay To Feel! 

This may sound silly and obvious…but sometimes we forget that it’s okay to be emotional. Your wedding day is better spent laugh-crying through every moment instead of trying to hold it in to save your make-up (if you have a great MOH they will bring back-up make-up in the emergency kit!). There’s a funny story that my parents always share with me from their wedding day. When my mom was walking down the aisle and my dad saw her for the first time in her beautiful dress; he said that she looked like she was about to throw up! So here was my dad standing at the alter thinking that she was having cold feet because of the look on her face…but the real reason she looked sick to her stomach is because she was trying to hold back all of her tears and raw emotion! Funny now, but at the time it was probably terrifying! This is why we say, let your emotions go! Be raw and real! This is your only day where you can be the craziest, bossiest, happiest, emotional-wreck and your family and friends are still going to love you. If you focus so much on the love aspect of this day, you can’t help but be emotional, so let it out sister! Cry like no one is watching and laugh like a crazy person. Every emotional high and low will be felt on your wedding day so it’s best to just embrace it so you can just enjoy the present moments with your loved ones and your Groom! True genuine emotions are so much more beautiful anyways.

And the last tip and maybe the most realistic one on our list is:

4)    Hire a Day-Of Coordinator

They will make your wedding day so much less stressful!! I promise! We can’t emphasize enough how hiring a day-of coordinator will help you to stay present during your big day. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and you have worked hard to make your wedding day beautiful, so you deserve to enjoy it! When you hire someone to take care of all those little details like setting up the reception, checking with the vendors, making sure everyone is on task, then that means these are all things that YOU don’t have to worry about. How wonderful and stress-free would that be to have your cake… and eat it too (literally!)? Your wedding day is just what it says, YOUR day! So... hire someone to ease your stresses, so you can enjoy every single moment of it!  If you are a bride-to-be wanting to enjoy the stress-free wedding bandwagon - then "Call Us Maybe"?! 

(Or Email - PurposefullyDesignedEvents@Gmail.com)

We hope these tips will help you to stay present on your wedding day! There is nothing more beautiful than love, you just have to remember to celebrate it!



The PDE Team


Planning, Pdebridesalexandria arnold

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a planner by your side during your engagement and on your wedding day!! Not only is it nice having a right-hand-lady, but it’s so refreshing to have someone who understand the planning process, the day-of logistics and who will be working FOR you, not against you. I’ve had a few brides come to me last minute when the planning got too stressful & they realized they needed help. I’ve also had brides contact me initially and then decide that there isn’t room in their budget for a planner. I understand BOTH sides, and CANNOT stress enough the importance of a planner!! Hiring (the right) Planner will save you TIME, ENERGY and MONEY (yes, money!)!! So when you make your initial wedding budget, factor in your planner!! You WANT to have someone fighting for you & your dream day. You NEED that go-to person handling day-of details & pesky logistics!!! Trust me:)

Here are my top three reasons you should hire a wedding planner for your dream day:

1. Expertise

More than likely, this is your very first time planning a wedding!! You’re new to this!! While you may have had a Pinterst Board for the past 3 years & be the best crafter in town, you’ve never actually planned a wedding before. You have ideas & visions & so many dreams of what you want your day to look like, feel like & be like… but how do you bring it all together? How do you find the best vendors for you vision? And then manage them? You have to read (and understand!) contracts & keep track of your budget. You also have to make sure everyone involved in the planning stays happy & nothing slips through the cracks… AND you have a job, fiancé & friends fighting for your time… tired, yet?! Planning your wedding is like navigating uncharted waters, so having a planner around who has been through it before & fully understands the “do’s & don’ts” is very important!! She’s there to guide you & offer expertise along the way.

2. Emotionally Unattached

Wedding Planning is very emotional. You’re getting MARRIED… it SHOULD be emotional!!! You have a lot on your plate & you’re trying to create this dream day for the two of you, as well as please your mother, his mother, your great grandmother & all 9 bridesmaids. That’s ALOT of people-pleasing!!! Every decision will have an emotional string attached to it, so having a planner who is UNEMOTIONAL about your wedding is a must-have. You need someone to think logically & practically about the little & big decisions. Someone to facilitate all the wants & needs your family has while keeping the bigger picture in mind. Hiring a professional to navigate through all of that will be a huge blessing to both you AND the people you’re trying to please!!

3. Money Saver 

Yes. HIRING a planning will save you money!!! You’re hiring her because she is an expert in her field and therefore knows the ins & outs of wedding planning. She knows all the tricks to help you cut costs & keep your budget in mind. Now, I am NOT saying that your wedding planner will be able to get you discounts or take advantage of vendors!!! What I am saying is that (a good) wedding planner should have vendor contacts in ALL price-points; she can help you find professional quality service to fit within your budget! (She’ll also be able to help you read through contracts & confirm all money-saving-strategies are being utilized!)

I know I’m a planner so that makes me biased to this post:) But I DO think a planner is necessary & HELPFUL for all brides!!! I regret not hiring more than just a day-of coordinator for my own wedding!! Why? Because I WAS emotional about it, and it WAS hard to facilitate pleasing everyone! And it would have been nice to have utilized a level-headed planner for MORE than just day-of assistance… because wedding day IS more than just one day:) And you want to enjoy every single bit of it!!!

xoxo, Alexandria