Purposefully Designed Events

At Purposefully Designed Events, we understand that your time is the only truly non-renewable resource you possess and it is the most important!! We don't want to spend limited time on wedding planning can feel all-consuming, engagement time that turns into extreme stress instead of extreme joy, and a wedding day that you aren't even able to truly enjoy, remember or experience! We are a purpose-driven events company that donates 10% of our proceeds to a charity or cause of our client’s choosing and we not only help you plan a stress-free, meaningful, beautiful and truly enjoyable wedding but we want to prepare you for an even more beautiful start to your marriage by taking away all un-needed stress and simplifying the planning process effectively with our online client portal.

We take wedding planning very seriously because we believe.....  

1. Time is truly the only limited resource you have: spend it intentionally.

2. Strong marriages are at the core of our society  

3. Wedding planning should be effective, simplified and stress-free, yet deeply personalize and meaningful to each couple  

4. In a society all to often focused on self (especially during the wedding day)- we like to focus on outward on others with a servant's heart. Servings our clients. Serving their wedding guests. and giving back to our Community. 

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Owner & Artistic Director

As the principle planner and lead designer behind every single Purposefully Designed event since 2014, I ensure each couple is given the time and love they deserve every step along the way. Weddings are most certainly about many details but they more importantly are also about people.

Personally, I find joy in simple pleasures. The first peony cut of the season, the last sliver of springtime sunlight at the end of the day, and a successfully executed surprise rank high on my list of loves. I'm passionate about innovative design, clutter-free spaces and quality time with my loved ones. My husband, David is my biggest encourager and best friend. Together we cherish time together as a family with our sweet son, Baby Jet. I dream of my own white farm house wedding venue, and striving to always make those around me feel loved.

Oh, and I've never said no to a trip to Target, especially if I can snag a frappuccino too!

I can't wait to meet you and hear about your celebration.




Where Our Name Comes From...

Purposefully (adj.) meaning: having purpose, full of meaning; significance.

Significance (noun) meaning: the quality of being worthy of attention; importance

Here at PDE we believe your engagement time, wedding planning, wedding day, and even your whole life should be filled with meaning, significance and purpose! That is why we created PDE- an effective, simple, stress-free wedding planning process that let's you intentionally grow closer to your sweetheart, plan a deeply meaningful wedding day and give back to a cause to help others - thus creating significance and purpose beyond your wedding day!! 

We believe that in doing that it will lead to leveraging your marriage on the foundation of giving back and serving others as well. We live by the famous words of former president Teddy Roosevelt: "Do what you can, with where you are, with what you have".  We stand firm on the belief that anyone, no matter where you are, or how much you have, is able to do something to help make our world a better place.

PDE is a “purposeful” event company based out of the Metro DC/Baltimore area that works to use our beautiful, stress-free, budget-friendly event planning services to create a catalyst for change. We are proud to say that we donate 10% of each event’s profits and proceeds to a charity of the couple’s choosing. We design our events with the intentions of serving our clients, their guests, and our community whole-heartedly! While making a difference, we can also celebrate love together and enjoy one of the most magical days of your life! We are so excited to connect with you!